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Situated on sloped terrain - adjacent to the B-1 Bomber hangers and runways - and with the silhouette of the Black Hills in the background, this facility looks strikingly unique, yet fits well with the recent architecture of Ellsworth AFB. The Entry Lobby is a high-volume space, filled with lots of light and with outside views at each end. The lobby separates the two functional areas of the building: Operations and Maintenance. The 58,000 S.F. facility accommodates the needs of 400 personnel - in highly functional and flexible work areas.

An Auditorium, a Mission Planning Center, and Flight Scheduling Offices are designed for top-secret open storage. Vehicles and trailers are stored inside the Maintenance area, along with tools, parts, and supplies. The project includes all-new parking lots, including the relocation of Bergstrom Drive. The sloping site is accommodated by carefully stepping the building down on 3 different levels.