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Nebraska Furniture Mart’s New Warehouse and Distribution Center will consolidate all furniture, flooring, electronics and appliance warehousing for the Kansas City facility.Working closely with consultants and experts in the fields of product handling, warehousing, worker safety, and several specialized construction disciplines, KHA and their team of engineers developed a truly state-of-the-art facility.

This 350,000 square foot building is capable of receiving, transferring and delivering, and issuing furniture, flooring, appliances, and electronics. The high-bay, narrow aisle racking system requires a super flat floor to operate order picking equipment. The project includes a sophisticated furniture repair center and a large mezzanine for training, administration offices, and storage of electronics. The project was constructed on a very tight site requiring extensive site preparation work and pavements.The project was designed and constructed so existing facilities could remain in use throughout the project. The project also includes construction of a new overhead connecting link to move product between new and existing mezzanines.  Conveyor systems move product from the mezzanine storage area to the customer pickup zone on the other side of the building.