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 ➥  Projects  ➥  Offutt Air Force Base - USSTRATCOM Replacement Facility Concept Design

KHA conducted in-depth programming and schematic design for this facility, which would permit USSTRATCOM to move from a 20th to a 21st century home.  These efforts define the highly specific and detailed requirements of each of its 4,000 users and 250-plus individual operating units.  The project includes conducing a Site Selection, a Business Case Analysis, and a Customer Concept Document.  

KHA's resulting building design concepts, spatial inter-relationships, and provisions for advanced and secure technology are a product of extremely in-depth reviews of user needs, countless detailed staff interviews, and numerous meetings designed around specific topics that are of critical importance to USSTRATCOM.  The design is also crafted around key leadership visions and the overarching principles of force-protection, physical plant flexibility, reliability, redundancy, adaptability, life-cycle economy, sustainability, and value.

A series of in-depth meetings, walk-throughs, off-site visits, and design charrettes were used to achieve a high degree of user participation in the resulting design. At the conclusion of the project, a Customer Concept Document and DD Form 1391 was produced for Offutt AFB. This project is currently under construction, with a design that utilizes the documents created by KHA.