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Ruth Staples Child Development Laboratory University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Lincoln, NE

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The Ruth Staples Child Development Laboratory (CDL) provides opportunities for research on children, families, and teacher education to University of Nebraska-Lincoln faculty, students, and affiliated professionals in the community.

The mission of the CDL is education, outreach, and research. The mission distinguishes the CDL from other early childhood programs, which exist solely to provide the service of child care and education. The educational mission of the CDL is fulfilled by creating a community of learning” in which children, parents, students, and faculty all learn from each other. The outreach mission is fulfilled by providing the best possible developmentally appropriate child care and education, and by providing various consulting and support services in the State of Nebraska as well as for national organizations.

Outdoor classrooms are an essential element of this facility. These outdoor classrooms follow the fundamental principle that children are learning everywhere and all the time.

This project embraces the concept that children need a broad variety of learning experiences and opportunities to develop gross and fine motor skills language creativity self-expression curiosity and the responsibility for living in the world in an ecologically wise manner.