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Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility
Omaha, Nebraska

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A a joint effort of Douglas and Sarpy Counties, City of Omaha, Papio Natural Resource District, Metro Area Planning Agency, and Keep-Omaha-Beautiful - this facility collects from homeowners, under a covered canopy, such items as pesticides, paint, batteries, herbicides, fuels, antifreeze, motor oil, etc. These will be disposed of, recycled, or traded at the facility's Swap Shop. Once collected, items are sorted and separated into similar types, packed into 55 gallon drums, and stored on an outdoor covered dock.

The City of Omaha operates this facility under the Public Works Department. Used motor oil is burned in a special boiler to heat the facility. Used antifreeze is stored for recycling. Latex paint is separated into similar colors, mixed and placed into five-gallon buckets sold for the price of the container. Oil-based paint, pesticides, cleaners, automobile products, etc. in the swap shop are given away, free, to anyone with a need for it who will sign an agreement to use it in an environmentally safe manner.  Hazardous materials are packaged and shipped to processors as needed.