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This addition provides a new double garage and an attached workshop.  The workshop is designed as a hobby area in the back yard for plants, pets, and a workshop.  Scale model aircraft are made here and displayed hanging from the lofty workshop.  The attractive setting takes full advantage of a beautiful and lushly landscaped backyard. Providing access to the main house, an underground passageway connects the lower level workshop to the original home.  This is possible due to the severe grade drop from the driveway to the back yard.

Nestled among mature trees, the modified octagonal rotunda form of the workshop intersects the rectangular gable roof of the new double garage. Inside the workshop are eight converging glued-laminated wood beams that rise to create a center height sufficient to permit several suspended large model planes to soar above the floor. The floor is special feature of this space. The bright tri-color stained and polished concrete, in a large geometric star pattern, reflects the wood beams above and directs attention out through the generous window-wall to a Japanese garden stream and pond with a gently sloping lawn beyond.